Disability and Human Rights Observatory

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About Us



The aim of the Disability and Human Rights Observatory (ODDH) is to follow-up the development of disability policy in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries and to promote participatory processes of monitoring and promotion of disability rights.


Axes of Intervention

The activity of the ODDH will develop along four axes of intervention:


eixos oddhInformation: dissemination and knowledge translation of research undertaken by ISCSP on disability and human rights as well as the organization and diffusion of relevant external resources.

Training: organization of workshops, seminars, conferences and other training programmes targeted to persons with disabilities and their organizations, professionals of the disability sector, researchers and other stakeholders.

Research: support to the scientific development of the disability and human rights field, through partnerships between higher education institutions (both national and international) and disability organizations, as well as linkages with international networks.

Social Intervention and Policy Advice: field-test and implementation of participatory tools in order to contribute to the design, evaluation and innovation of policies with an impact on the lives of persons with disabilities.

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