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May 2021 | Pandemic exacerbated the situation of persons with disabilities

There is a long way to go in Portugal with regard to the human rights of persons with disabilities. In 2020 COVID-19 had a strong negative impact on access to employment, education, health, and social support, exacerbating already existing inequalities.

The improvements were fragile but relevant. In recent years, several social and economic human rights indicators showed positive developments. Following the trend of improvements seen in society in general, persons with disabilities saw a small evolution in their living conditions that, being so fragile, was quickly reversed and aggravated by the pandemic. This is the analysis of Paula Campos Pinto, coordinator of the Disability and Human Rights Observatory (ODDH), who explains to AGIR how the human rights of persons with disabilities always fall short of the reality of the rest of the population.

To read the full article in the online version of Revista Agir Aminista Internacional, please click here.

IN Revista Agir Aminista Internacional - Nº 13 (April / May / June) 2021 (access here the pdf version)

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